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Definitely useful and informative. I’m sure a lot of folks would say to themselves, “I wish I had this e-book when I was starting out!” (You’re giving so much information for free, I hope you’re getting exponentially more of what you’re giving…)

- Bobit (25), Entrepreneur

Thank you so much for your book, the Stock Market Jumpstarter. I really enjoyed reading it and I must say I learned more from you than our discussions in our Finance classes. I was able to grasp the basics, but more than that, I got inspired and motivated to start investing as soon as possible.

Nester Mendoza, College Student

The e-book is very useful espectially for the newbies. I opened my mind to the world of investing in the stock market. It is definitely worth reading, and I’ve already recommended it to my sisters and friends. Thanks for making this e-book!

Gee (36), Work-at-Home Mom

With the Jumpstart ebook, it is user friendly, easy to understand, no jargon-terms. Pang masa yung e-book. Anyone can read it in just one sitting. I definitely recommend it to someone who wants to learn the easy way.

- Joel (33), Tech Support Rep