Step 6: Staying Your Course

Congratulations for becoming a stock market investor and reaching this point in the lessons!

Now I want to set you up for long-term success with your investments. So I have compiled a list of short write-ups and videos that will expand your knowledge in the stock market and ultimately help you stick to your plan.

Reminder: Our recommended strategy is Peso Cost Averaging with the help of Investment Guides.

You see, the reason why many people lose money in stocks is because they failed to stick to their initial strategies and plans. Their emotions of fear, greed and boredom got the best of them, so they started doing things ‘on-the-fly’ even if it's not in the plan. They get hooked by rumors, or by their bosses advice to invest in XYZ company… even if they know nothing about it! They got satisfied with the reason na… “ah basta kikita ka dyan!” The end result… they lose money. And this is what I want you to avoid.

So this step will be your continuing education. These are a lot of articles and videos and you don’t have to watch them all at once. Just go through them when you have the time.

With that said, here’s your reading/watch list:

(More issues may be added in the future – and I’ll be sure to email you when they are posted here in the members area).