Step 4: Choosing an Investment Guide

Having an Investment Guide makes your investing life much easier. You don’t need to read all the 100-page company reports, but instead rely on recommendations from experts.

Here we recommend an investment guide based on your investing budget, so that your strategy will be sustainable.

For people who will invest less than P25,000 and only add less than P2,000 per month.

If you belong in this category, it would be advisable to invest in single ‘funds’ rather than individual companies. This is because stock market orders can go in increments of P1,000 up to P5,000 so budget will be a constraint. You may even find that you won’t be able to buy companies because of these minimum order sizes.

So my recommendation is to instead invest in a “Exchange Traded Fund” (ETF). An exchange traded fund is a single fund that tracks the average performance of the whole Philippine Stock Market. So basically you are investing in the whole market.

Currently, there is only one Exchange Traded Fund and that is called the First Metro Exchange Traded Fund. The stock code is FMETF. Remember this because you will use it later for buying your first stock.

Technically here you won’t be buying a specific company, but you will be buying a fund that is comprised of several companies already. You don’t need to deal with the minimum order sizes, plus you get instant diversification.

Growth Budget
For people who will invest about P50,000 and add around P3,000 per month.

If you belong in this category, you will have two choices for your investing guide:

(1) The FREE but Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Approach
(2) The PAID but Spoon-Fed Approach.

I’ll discuss the FREE but DIY approach here, since I’ll cover the Paid but Spoon Fed-Approach again with the Premium Budgets.

The FREE but DIY approach involves using the COL Research guide. Take note, that this will only be available if you choose COL as your broker. Every 1-2 months they issue a report called COLing the shots.

This is a short 10-page report that summarizes everything that is happening in the stock market world. So you can see the projected impact of world events, US elections and policies, and what’s to come.

At the end of this report they also give you a “model portfolio”. Meaning this is what COL recommends for beginner investors. They list down the exact company stocks, along with what prices to purchase them and their target prices.

You can access this report by:

  1. Log-in to your COL account.
  2. Click the Research tab.
  3. Click the Archive tab.
  4. On the drop down menu under Product, choose “COLing the Shots”.

And you will be able to see all the COLing the shots report.

This report is FREE for all COL account holders. However take note that this is the DIY approach. So you will need to have the discipline to regularly check up on your stocks and updates that COL issues from the time you start buying.

Now if you want the maximum amount of guidance, this is where the paid but spoon-fed approach comes in. And it is also what I recommend to those with Premium Budgets.

Premium Budget
For people who will invest P100,000 and above and can more than P5,000 per month.

With this amount of capital, my strong recommendation is to use the Truly Rich Club Stocks Update as your Investing Guide. And here’s why:

Twice a month you will get a Stocks Update directly in your email. This is super simple easy-to-understand report on what’s going on in the stock market. This report also includes the famous SAM table which answers which stocks you should buy, at what price to buy them and when to sell. (I’ll show you how to use the SAM table in the later steps).

On top of the Stocks Updates, you also get Stock Alerts. Meaning if there are time-sensitive events that happen in the stock market you will get notified if its time to sell a stock or buy another one. So you’re always updated on what you should be doing with your investments.

The Truly Rich Club membership costs P497 a month. And it is going to be so worth it because it will help you avoid a lot of the common mistakes of new investors. At the minimum, I say you should give it a try for your first 6 months.

Click here to join the Truly Rich Club.

In the later steps, you’ll get more training on how to maximize your membership.


Concluding Note

Regardless of your budget and starting capital, it is recommended that you immediately check out your investing guides now. When you're done reading it, proceed to the next lesson.

Next Lesson, Step #5: Buying Your First Stock

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  • Viv

    Reply Reply 9 February 2017

    Hi J3,

    I’m already invested in the stock market (COL no less) and although I’ve had some gains in the past, my portfolio is at a negative right now. If I decide to sign up for the Truly Rich club, should I sell my stocks and follow the stock picks based on SAM? Or should I invest another 25K or so to purchase stocks based on SAM recommendation? I’m not sure how to proceed right now. Could you give me some guidance please.


    • J3 Patino

      Reply Reply 11 February 2017

      Hi Viv, if you are not confident of the reasons why you bought those stocks in the first place, then SELL them all – and stick to what will be recommended in the TRC (SAM) – or whatever investment guide you choose.

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