Do You Want to Invest in the Stock Market

But you have zero experience or investing background?

Here's How You Can Get Started

Hi! I'm J3 Patino and I've taught over 20,000 Filipinos how to invest in the stock market even if they were total beginners with zero experience. And here's how I can help you today.

Back in 2012 I was also clueless about stock market investing but I I’ve always wanted to invest in the stock market. So I explored the internet for information on how to get started.

Unfortunately, at that time there were no easy to understand guides or books on how to get started. I was reading a lot of technical and nose-bleed materials (some of them even had math equations!). I was reading a bunch of articles, tutorials and other references – often not knowing if they were important or not. In a nutshell, the more I learned, the more confused I got! There was just too much information available and it overwhelmed me.

It took more than 6 months before I found out that I already knew enough to actually start investing. I could have saved a lot of time and energy if someone had told me what exactly I needed to know in order to get started. This is the reason why I started teaching Filipinos how to invest in a simple way. (Yung tipong maiintindihan ng isang grade 5.) This was way back 2012.

Since then, I've taught over 20,000 Filipinos how to invest through videos, guides and articles. Now, I've compiled everything into a very organized course which will teach you step by step how to get started (in the easy and simple way).

So I'm excited to invite you to get the "Stock Market Quick Start Course" - the absolute best way you can also learn how to invest in stocks. My promise - everything will be so easy to understand.

Stock Market Quick Start (Online) Course

Learn All 6 Steps to Profitably Invest in the Stock Market

There are exactly 6 steps you have to go through to invest safely, conveniently and profitably. In this course you'll get all the training, resources and guidance every step of the way.

Easy to Understand. Simple. No Nosebleed.

In this course everything is explained so easy-simple that even a 5th grader would understand it. I have been blessed to teach the stock market to people of different walks of life so I've learned how to teach it in the simplest way possible. Mayaman, mahirap, PHD or college dropout... you will understand everything in this training.

Safe, Practical  and Within Budget

There are many ways to earn from the stock market. In this course you will learn only the safe, proven and practical investing strategies to grow your wealth in a 'slow-but-sure' perfect for the average Filipino investor.

Here's a Sneak Peek of the Steps You'll Learn Inside the Course...

Step #1 - Learn the Basics of the Stock Market

First, you will get access to 7 online videos walking you through the basics of the stock market. You'll learn about proper investing mindset, how the stock market works, proven investing strategies all the way to what buttons you press in order to buy stocks through a broker.

Step #2: Take the Investment Readiness Test

This is not a school exam. Rather, this step is just to make sure that you have a good financial foundation first before you start investing in stocks. So here you'll learn the 3 things you can do to protect your stock investments from personal emergencies.

Step #3: Creating an Account with a Stock Broker

Here you'll learn how to choose and create an account with a stock broker. You will also learn how to know if a broker is really legitimate and accredited by the PSE (so you don't get scammed.) You'll also get our #1 recommendation for a trusted online stock broker used by hundreds of thousands of Filipinos already.

Step #4: Choosing an Investment Guide

"What stock should I buy?" - This is probably the most dangerous question asked by new investors because if they get the wrong answer, they end up losing money. So in this step you won't get a one-time recommendation of what stock to buy. Rather, you'll learn how to make use of reliably and proven investing guides you can rely on so that you will always know the answer to "What stock should I buy?" without having to guess or worry.

Step #5: Buying Your First Stock

Now that you have an account with a stock broker, you will learn the tiny details of buying your first stocks. You will get a very detailed step-by-step guide on what numbers to look at, what buttons to click, all the way to understanding your portfolio. This step can be very confusing to newbies so I make sure to hold your hand every step of the way.

Step #6: Staying Your Course

Once you've already bought your first stock, congratulations - you're already an investor. But in order to be a successful investor you need two things: (1) stick to your investment strategy and (2) build a well diversified portfolio. This is what you'll learn in this step - securing your long-term success and profits in the stock market.

Overall: This is the BEST Way to Learn How to Invest in Stocks

When you enroll in the Stock Market Quick Start Course, you get guidance every step of the way so you can start investing conveniently and profitably. There is no other place you can get this kind of training packaged in a 'easy-to-understand', simple and organized way. (I know because I've looked!)

Enrolling to this Course is a Smart Decision!

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Did You Know Over 70% Of People Lose Money In Stocks?

Because they didn't have the right mindset.

Many people get into stocks because they think it will make them rich fast and quick. This causes them to believe in hypes and rumors which is just like gambling.

So in this course we give you the right mindset for the long-term. You'll learn the slow, but sure way to winning in the stock market.

Because they let their emotions get out of control. 

Seeing your money go up is exciting. Seeing it go down is terrifying. So even if new investors start with a plan, they do not end up sticking to it because of their emotions. As stocks go up they get greedy and buy more (when they should have been selling). But when stocks go down, they get fearful and sell (when they should have been buying). Emotions are your enemy in the stock market.

In this course, I'll teach you how to handle your emotions when stocks are up or when they're down so that you stick to your winning plan, and make money consistently over the long term.

Because they didn't have an investing strategy.

An investing strategy is a plan  on what stocks you'll buy, at what prices, and when you'll sell them. Sadly many newbies buy stocks that they don't have a plan for. They just 'hope' it will go up. But 'hope' is not a reliable plan.

Here we will teach you an investing strategy that has stood the test of time (since the stock markets were invented). It's not new really (it's actually boring), but it works.

Because they were 'kuripot' on investment education. 

Many people who lose money in the stock market NEVER bought training materials to help them understand how to consistently make money in the stock market. Instead, they chose to just learn for free from YouTube, their friends and from random blog articles. The result is they don't have a solid plan which makes them lose money.

Enrolling to this course will not only allow you to profitably invest in stocks. You will also learn how to avoid costly (and common) mistakes that aren't usually mentioned in free resources.

You Have Nothing To Lose With Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is going to be the BEST course you can get about how to invest in the Stock Market. I believe in this course so much that I'm putting a 30-day money back guarantee on it. Meaning you can check out the whole program for a full 30 days, and if its not the best, you can ask for your money back. And I will refund every peso to you. (No questions asked, no justifications needed - just one email, you get your refund.)

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Payment Options: Secure Paypal, Credit Card
OR Direct bank deposit to BPI or BDO.
(Details shown when you click the enroll now button.)

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